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What Is a Gearmotor?

Wednesday - 23/09/2020 16:10
What Is a Gearmotor?

A gearmotor, also called a gear motor or a geared motor, is a combination of a gear system or gearbox and an electric motor. When asking yourself “what is a gear motor” or “what is a geared motor,” you are actually probably wondering how a gearmotor can be useful for your company's products or production facility.
Geared motors are efficient because you will only have to mount and operate one system, instead of several. Sometimes inaccurately called “gears motors,” or even geared motors, gearmotors generally combine an efficient motor, such as an Electrically Commutated Motor, with a gear reducer or gearhead.
These motor gear combinations are a great way to minimize alignment issues with your motor and its gearbox. You don't need to be worried about separately sourcing gears for motors; instead, you can work with a motor and gear in one: a gear drive motor.
What Uses Do You Have for Gearmotors?
Is your prototype motor geared? Have you considered it as a possibility? Gear motors can be designed for and integrated into a vast number of applications. Whether your company has need of a motor with gear spur, a reversible gear motor, an inline gear motor, or even a 3 phase gear motor, Telco should be your go-to gear motor supplier.
Because they are quieter and often smaller than separately housed similar components, they can be useful in a wide assortment of industrial and commercial applications. Whether you have need for a smaller, 110v gear motor or a larger than typical 2 hp gear motor, it makes little sense to purchase and install a separate gearbox for motors you're using.
Why Choose Dolin gearmotors for Vietnam Gearmotors?
When you need a domestic company you can rely on to supply your company with model motors and gears for initial design or gear motors for ongoing production, working with Dolin products and solutions is your best bet! We understand both design of and applications for gears and motors, from an fhp geared motor to a waterproof gear motor. Dolin has the experienced engineers and trustworthy production partners to make sure you can rely on your gearmotor, no matter what.
Dolin does not use cheap or unreliable component parts for our gearmotors. There can be no doubt that you want a metal gear motor. Plastic components in engines are simply too prone to breakage and heat damage. There is also little doubt that the durability of both the motor and the gears is vastly important to the quality of your end product. Understanding important design and production elements, such as gear motor speed control and gearmotors & hypoid gearmotors with spiral bevel gears allows our team to ensure the end product meets your specifications and needs!

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