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Industrial Applications Where Worm Gears are Beneficial

Thursday - 24/09/2020 15:38
Industrial Applications Where Worm Gears are Beneficial

Certain gears will prosper in certain situations. Worm gears, in particular, will work best with lifts, conveyors, gates, and elevators. Applications where their strengths come into play.
If you are looking to install or replace your system’s worm gear motor, take a look at the heavy duty worm gear by Radicon. The high quality design and engineering of the ER worm gear range make the product an ideal solution for the most arduous of industries and applications.
Worm Gear Design
Worm gears have a simple, basic design. The design consists of a bronze worm wheel and a steel worm gear supported by two shafts and four bearings. This simple design can achieve high ratios in a single reduction and offer low-maintenance reliability.
Industrial Applications Where Worm Gears are Beneficial
Space: Worm gears are beneficial in applications where space is a large concern, for instance, packaging equipment, small machinery, and conveyors. The design of a worm gear allows for fewer gear sets to be used in order to achieve high gear ratios while still allowing proper speed reduction and torque. With fewer gear sets needed, the gearbox is smaller as a result.
Shock loading: Worm gears are beneficial for applications with shock loading. This includes rock crushers and other heavy duty machines. Worm gear design with its large contact area in the gear mesh and the steel/softer bronze gear material can easily absorb the energy from sudden shock loads.
Noise: Worm gears are beneficial where noise is a large concern, such as theaters, airports, and elevators. The sliding motion between the gear teeth in worm drives reduces noise, and make operation quieter than other types of gears. The different materials used in worm gear motors also contributes to their quiet operation.

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