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What are gearmotors used for speed-control applications?

Thursday - 27/08/2020 13:39
What are gearmotors used for speed-control applications?

Aside from their use in position control applications, gearmotors are used in speed-control applications as well.
The reality is that many different types of gearmotors can be used for speed control. As with any design problem, the requirements of the unique application will dictate what type of motor is best suited for the job.
A good question to ask right off the bat is what are the speed demands. For instance, does the application call for high speed, low speed, or variable speed operation?
Another important factor is the type of motor and the associated control. For instance, is a dc or ac gearmotor the right fit? This could depend on the type of power source available as well as the required torque at the load.
As for the type of gearing in the gearmotor, this too depends on the application needs. Other design considerations may include different frame sizes as well as gear reduction ratios. In the end, the gearmotor selected for the job will ultimately have to satisfy the application’s speed and torque requirements.

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