What Are AC Motors Used For?

Wednesday - 09/12/2020 15:13

What Are AC Motors Used For?

AC motors are viable power sources for a range of applications due to their flexibility, efficiency and quiet operation. General uses for AC motors include pumps, water heaters, lawn and garden equipment, ovens, and off-road motorized equipment.
In fact, many of the appliances, equipment and tools you use on a daily basis are powered by an AC motor.

Exploring the Potential for AC Induction Motors

The most common type of AC motors is the induction motor. These motors are a viable power source for several applications due to their:


AC induction motors are an efficient power sources for many applications. Their speed-to-torque characteristics allow AC motors to provide great performance in many applications without overheating, braking or degeneration. This efficiency is why AC motors are chosen for high demand applications such as pumps, food and beverage equipment, and material handling products such as packaging equipment, conveyors, and dispensers.


With few moving parts, AC motors have the potential to last years in even the most demanding applications. In most cases, bearings are the single point of wear in an AC motor, making maintenance and repairs simple and affordable. The durability of AC motors makes them the preferred solution for field applications, including off-road recreation vehicles, and agriculture equipment, as well as commercial applications such.

    Quiet operation:

The relatively low sound output from AC motors is one of the main reasons they are chosen for many commercial food and beverage applications. Producing little more than a low-level hum, AC motors are ideal for applications in which noise is a factor, including restaurants, convenience stores, hospitals and more.


Most AC motors can be operated with a simple on and off switch and even reversed with basic switch wiring. This flexibility, combined with their variable speed and power outputs, makes AC motors the prime choice for applications involving multiple users and demands.


AC motors are available in a wide range of stock and custom shapes, sizes and power outputs. The easy availability of such motors means that a solution can be found or created for nearly any need and application.

In all, AC motors offer the flexibility, performance and durability needed to meet the demands of nearly every application in which AC power is the desired power source.

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