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Why electric motor should use speed reducer (gearbox)?

Friday - 31/07/2020 14:20
Why electric motor should use speed reducer (gearbox)?

Speed reducer (gearbox) is the special device which used for reducing rotation speed and improving output torque.
Speed reducer (gearbox) is the important part of mechanical drive system, at present, many applications with speed reducer (gearbox), such as transportation industry, construction, mechanical processing, and other yields. So, what are the benefits of speed reducer (gearbox) in using?
Speed reducer (gearbox) can effectively protect electric motor. In operation, speed reducer is borne more bigger torque than motor, while overload, which is transmitted to the motor as long as the overload is divided by the gear ratio.
Cost saving, if there assumes electric motor is borne torque directly, while the electric motor will be broken under overload, oppositely, if there is the speed reducer in front of the electric motor, just to change the speed reducer easily with less cost.
Speed reducer effectively reduces the moment of inertia, which can timely control start and stop, and speed change. On the other hand, the torque is improved by speed reducer rather than increase the input power. So, for cost of increasing power, speed reducer is cheaper than electric motor.
Effectively save energy, to use the speed reducer can meet that same output torque with less current.
With speed reducer can effectively reduce the rotation speed and increase the torque, and output the gear ratio according to electric motor.
Effectively reduce the load inertia of the motor.

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