NMRV worm gears operating instructions

Wednesday - 07/02/2018 09:09

NMRV worm gears operating instructions

In order to ensure the correct installation, use and maintenance of the worm gear reducer, please note the followings:

First, installation

RV series turbo reducer can be multi-directional installation, installation method:

Varity Specification Worm Gear Reducer
RV Series RV Series
025-090 110-130


The direction of the installation can be random. Actual installation position should be determined at the time of installation orders for the same position, and to make fuel(air)screw up.

When RV series worm reducers installed output shaft coupling, pulley, sprocket, such as connectors the hand-hammer blow is strictly prohibited and shall ensure the appropriate gap between the bottom of keyway and the top of the plat key.

When our products are leaving factory, all combined by the adhesive surface are sealed leak-proof handing, the user should ensure that after dismantling the performance of well-sealed to avoid leakage.

NMRV Worm Gear Reducer

Second, usage

RV series worm gearbox, the factory has added adequate lubrication before leaving factory, so it can be used without refueling.

When our products leave factory, in order to prevent the transport of oil, has been filling (air) plug screw tightened up and closed, use the following requirement shall be adjusted, air permeability:

Varity Specification Worm Gear Reducer
RV Series RV Series
025-090 110-130



Completely-closed structure, without refueling plug release The top level of oil plug removed and replaced immediately with a portable refueling equipment (air) plug, and releases the air.

RV worm gear reducer’s working environment temperature is-20℃-40℃, the load temperature rise and the maximum temperature of the Aluminium body surface should meet the following requirements:

Varity Load temperature rise The maximum temperature if the body surface
Worm gear box ≤60℃ ≤96℃

RV series worm speed reducer’s operation can be both positive and negative, also to start the load.

Third, maintenance

RV series worm reducer should always maintain a clean surface to facilitate heat dissipation, if the excessive temperature is found, then we should be timely to check fuel and oil quality.

RV series worm gear reducer lubrication oil quality and lubricating oil replacement should meet the following requirement:

VarietySpecification Worm gear reductor
RV series RV series
025-090 110-130
LubricantsTrademark Shell TIVELA OILSC320; Mobil GLYGO-YLE30 (GB5903-1995) No.320 middle-load industrial-closed gear oil
LubricantsReplacement Completely closed structure, no need to replace lubrication. After using 1000 hours, to replace the new oil, later please add and change oil at regular time, to ensure that the oil level in oil over subscript center.

RV-25-090 worm reducer, if needs to add the lubrication, rigorous middle grades with other lubricants, and the reducer in order to avoid the original lubricants react, leading to deterioration and lubricant have series consequences.

Reducer seal due to aging, wear and tear to cause the oil leaking and seeping, oil spills should be promptly replaced, is strictly prohibited shortage of oil operation of oil-free.

Rubber seal due to aging, wear and tear cause the oil leaking and seeping, oil spills should be promptly replaced, is strictly prohibited shortage of oil or operation of oil free.

The use of such an exception occurs within a collective, should be stopped to check. Knock should be avoided for maintenance and disassembly. In order avoiding damage.

Four, the quality of “Three Guarantees”

All in accordance with the “Instruction” provides installation use, combination, without assembly, indeed the quality of our non-performing manufacturing fault or damage cased, since the date of leaving the factory, within one year of the “three guarantees”. For failure caused by improper use of damage, it is not within “three guarantees” scope.

All identified as “three guarantees” for maintenance, plant maintenance is responsible for free, Non-“three guarantees” cases, users have difficulty for self-repairing can be transported to our factor for check, and for inspection fees, as appropriate.

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