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Looking to buy a geared motor for your industrial needs?

Saturday - 19/09/2020 14:42
Looking to buy a geared motor for your industrial needs?

Are you looking for a customised solution to reduce or increase the speed and power of an electric motor to your machinery? Dolin has specialised in drive technology for more than in many years.
 In addition to electric motors and frequency inverters, you can also buy the most suitable gearbox or geared motor for your needs, with solid advice from our experts.
The types of geared motors or gearboxes offered by Dolin
Your industrial process is unique, so we attach a lot of importance to providing the right components. Here is a list of the geared motors you can get from Dolin:
Interested in buying a geared motor from a leading manufacturer? Dolin is the place to be!
Dolin offers only the best quality. For more than in many years we have preferred to collaborate with renowned manufacturers of drive technology.
Reconditioning, repairs and maintenance to your geared motor or gearbox
gear motor vertical
Is there too much noise coming from your geared motor or gearbox, is there an oil leak, or are the gears, bearings or shafts faulty? Regardless of the size of your machinery, our technicians will take care of tip-top reconditioning, repair or maintenance at our fully equipped workshop or on site. Cleaning and a visual inspection will tell them which components must be renewed to ensure that your machinery functions optimally again.

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